Executive Answers: How Big is the American Student Loan Struggle?

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Sixty eight percent of working-age people (25-64) did not participate in an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan – that’s money left on the table. One of the commonly blamed culprits are student loans, but the real question many employers ask is, “Could the student loan problem really be that big?”

Here’s a list of quick facts on the 70% of American graduates who have student loans and some of the real reasons companies should consider offering financial wellness help.

Thanks to our friends at Cammack Retirement Group for this infographic that shows how student loans greatly the lives of employees.

Student Loans Are Life-Altering


Student Loans Mean Lost Productivity


Student Loans Mean a Life on Hold


Student Loans Affect Retirement Saving


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View the entire infographic to see the reality that many of your employees face due to having student loans.

You can help end the struggle of student loan debt by offering a student loan benefit to help eliminate this stress for your employees, enabling them to take control of their future and retirement. We want your employees to take advantage of your company-offered 401(k) plan, and this becomes a reality as they free up some of their student loan debt through our benefit. Going a step further, our Genius Save software would likely be a perfect solution, using the student loan payment of employees to trigger contributions into their retirement plan.

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Ryan Gardner