10 Student Loan Memes We Probably Shouldn’t Share

 Smarter Borrower

We’re not sure we should do this, but we can’t resist.

At Student Loan Genius, we talk to a lot of struggling graduates, and they often use humor to cope with the intense stress of financial insecurity.
Whether you’re a borrower or not, these student memes are sure to put things in perspective — and (hopefully) make you laugh.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Beyoncé‘s Student Loan Payment Resentment

Life can be as sweet as Lemonade, you just have to get on the right repayment track.

2. Big Loan Payments, Jon Snow’s Greatest Enemy

After the 6 month grace period, it might as well be winter in Westeros. We can help you win the financial battle. Request our benefit.
student loans are coming

3. It’s Not a Binding Contract

We know it can feel like an eternity, but we can help if you request the benefit. Our data shows that 38% of borrowers decrease their monthly payment using student loan benefits.
ariel meme

4. O Captain, My Captain!

Please let me pay off my student loans before I forget what I even learned in college.
jumanji meme

5. It’s Raining Cash

The drought can be over, you just need to request the benefit.
money to pay back meme

6. Student Loan Workout

Student loan borrowers would all be Olympic runners.

7. One Loan To Rule Them All

You can’t just walk into Mordor, and you can’t just magically consolidate your loans. It might do more harm than good.
mordor meme

8. St. Pablo — Patron Saint of Student Loans

Honesty, Kimye should start a program. Sell a coat = save a student loan borrower 20 years
north west meme

9. Enter the Matrix

Take the Red pill on this one — there is a way to repay loans.
matrix meme

10. The Debtpocalypse

What if all debt was wiped out… Until that happens, student loan benefits can help. Here’s how the they work.
walking dead meme

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