Student Loan Genius

Student Loan Genius helps your company recruit and keep the best employees by offering one simple benefit: smashing student loans.

Who We Work With

Make Real Impact

70% of folks under 45 have student loan debt.
Get the benefit that helps them.

Reward Your Best People

Target your superstar talent by contributing to their student loans.

Get Unbiased Advice

Student loans are complex. Our advisor tools and services make them simple and easy for everyone.


We’re here to help HR folks, recruiters, and payroll teams do their best work. 

With Student Loan Genius you can offer a benefit that actually changes employee life: student loan repayment. 

Retaining the best employees is tough. If you’re hiring millennials, student loan repayment is a powerful and cost-effective compliment to existing benefits and it impacts immediately.


Student Loan Genius is super simple. We help companies contribute toward their team’s student loan debt. We’re the low key best friend you didn’t know you needed.

Student Loan Genius Pay lets employers contribute toward their team’s student loan in real time, every month.

Our Advisor tool helps teams navigate the often complicated world of student loans. We’ll show your team how long it’ll take to pay off loan debt, but also what programs are available or if refinancing makes sense.


Other Student Loan Genius perks: 

If your team is driven by data, that’s cool. So are we. Each quarter we send out impact reports that highlight areas like:

      – Activity updates
      – Company-wide impact
      – Average employee impact

“For us, taking care of our team means reaching outside of our office walls and doing whatever we can to make their lives better. When we saw the data, we knew student loan benefits were a requirement, not an option.”

JENNIFER CANTU | VP of People, TrendKite


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