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Student Loan Benefit Attracts & Retains Talent by Removing a Top Investment Hurdle.


graduates put off saving for retirement because of student loans.

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Student Loan Genius Save uses the student loan payment of employees to trigger contributions into their retirement plan. Companies can now leverage their existing retirement framework (401(k), 403(b), etc.) to offer a student loan benefit and eliminate one of the biggest roadblocks to investing.

Genius Save Impact

Companies can achieve recruiting and retention goals while making a significant impact
on financial lives of employees by helping them save for retirement.

With Genius Save

For Employees

3% 401k Contribution
with Genius Save
Results in up to
At retirement

For Employers

Recruit, Retain, Save

of employees say student loan benefits
would be a deciding employment factor

The Big Question

Should our company offer Genius Save?” The big question is, “Should you offer a student loan benefit?” Let us help you get answers. We’ll facilitate a simple study to measure how student loans affect your business.

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What’s in a Study?

It’s easy. You tell us who and we send a short survey to get you important answers.

Is this a problem in our business?
How much student loan debt do we owe?
How many people are affected?
How much stress is it causing us?

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What We Do

Student Loan Genius is more than just repayment optimization.
The Genius Platform helps:


The Genius Platform allows employees to explore every repayment option to find the best plan for their situation.
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Genius Pay, uses payroll to ensure payments are on time and applied intelligently.
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Genius Match dramatically impacts your employees through employer matching contributions pre- or post tax.
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Genius Save uses the student loan payment of employees to trigger contributions into their retirement plan.
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