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Student Loan Genius helps employees get to the next stage of life,
through an employer benefit with real value.




of today’s workforce graduates
with Student Loans.





average savings per month
with Student Loan Genius.




of employees say student loan
benefits would influence where
they decide to work.

How can Student Loan Genius help?

 Offered as an employer benefit, Student Loan Genius helps companies reach the next level of recruiting and retention, while saving the average employee thousands of dollars each year. 

Solving The Invisible Problem


Average Monthly Payment
— more than most car payments.


Average amount of
Student Loan Debt.


Average annual savings with Student Loan Genius.


of employees improve
their financial situation
with Student Loan Genius.

For Employers

Be the Hero.

Fuel your employees’ financial future and take your business to the next level. Offer the Student Loan Benefit.

How it Works


The Genius Platform allows employees to explore every repayment option to find the best plan for their situation.

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Employees can ensure payments are on time and applied intelligently by making payments directly from payroll.

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You can contribute towards your employees’ student loan payments.

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Leverage your existing retirement framework (401(k), 403(b), etc.) to offer a student loan benefit.

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Get the Biggest Recruiting & Retention Edge

83% of employees say student loan benefits would influence where they decide to work.
Help your current and future employees get to the next stage while tackling the things that keep you up at night.

The Revolving Door

Reduce the wear acquisition and retention can have on your business in today’s highly competitive talent markets.

New Employee Costs

Save on the recruiting and on-boarding costs that add up quickly with turnover. Also, minimize the negative ‘culture impact’ of repeat entries and exits.

Macro vs. Micro ROI

Maximize your management talent. If managers spend too much time vetting recruits, they aren’t driving strategy and success.

Trust and Connection

Employees trust you when they believe you care. Earn that trust by creating new value that really connects.

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In the Media

Get the facts. Crushing Student Loan Debt, One Loan at a Time.

For Employees

Tackle Student Debt, Get to the Next Stage of Life.

Most Employers don’t offer Student Loan Benefits because they haven’t heard that employees, like you, want them.

There’s Something You Can Do.

Act now to anonymously let your Employer know they should offer Student Loan Benefits.

Or, anonymously share your own Student Loan story to help us share the real impact through Student Loan Genius Smarts.

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How it Works


Compare 70+ repayment options to reduce your payment and pay off your loans faster.


We tie in with payroll to automatically make payments for you.


Pay off your loans faster with actual payment matching.

Hero Testimonials

Be the leader who creates a path towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of financial freedom.

“As student loan debt grows, workers are having to choose between paying off their student loans or prioritizing other important financial goals. For example, our research tells us many workers will choose to pay down debt rather than save for retirement. As an industry, we need to understand this and provide solutions to help maximize retirement security for American workers.”

Jamie McInnes

Senior VP & Head of Total Retirement Solutions, Prudential
“I have a pretty complex set of loans. Student Loan Genius set up my plans for me and they make my payments for me. I don’t have to think about it at all.”


Student Loan Genius User
“This is a benefit, as someone in HR, I love being able to provide and talk about when I’m recruiting. It’s definitely an advantage when working to standout from other companies.”


Recruiting with Student Loan Genius since 2014
“Since I found Student Loan Genius, it’s such a weight off of me because I don’t have to worry about my student loans at all. I know that if I get confused about anything, I can just call and my advisor will help me figure it out.”


Student Loan Genius User since 2014
“For us, taking care of our team means reaching outside of our office walls and doing whatever we can to make their lives better. When we saw the data, we knew student loan benefits were a requirement, not an option.”

Jennifer Cantu

VP of People, TrendKite
“Student Loan Genius has the potential to impact thousands of lives across the U.S. This innovative approach will reshape the way student loan debt is tackled and positively remake the relationship between employers and their employees.”

Tim Ramza

Chief Innovation Officer, John Hancock
“BP3 was recently named as one of Fortune’s Top 25 Best Workplaces. One of the primary reasons is our unique student debt repayment match benefit we offer through Student Loan Genius. This benefit tells our employees that we are committed to ensuring all aspects of their life are an important part of the BP3 culture.”

Scott Francis

CEO/Co-Founder, BP3

About Us

Our modern approach to student loan debt simplifies the complex problems associated with repayment and reconnects employers to the pulse of their employees.

Inspired by our own personal student loan debt experiences, the Student Loan Genius team is committed to responsibly improving the financial outlook for all employees with student loans. As the industry leader, Student Loan Genius is proud to blaze the path towards making our tool the new and modern benefit in all employee benefit packages, one employer and one loan at a time. Allow us to help you pursue life, liberty, and freedom from student loan debt.


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